If you are involved in a business that deals with Provision of Payment Service or you are carrying out regulated activities then it is most likely that your business is authorised by FCA. Getting an authorisation from FCA could be highly complex procedures and one could easily skip important requirements which likely to result in refusal of the authorisation application and unwanted costs. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to hire an expert to get authorisation for your business and you can be sure you are getting authorised first time. Our experienced compliance team would verify you are meeting all necessary requirements to obtain FCA authorisation for the sector of the industry your business is regulated. 21

We provide authorisation services for following businesses:

  • Small Payment Institute and Authorised Payment Institute.
  • Consumer Credit.
  • Financial advising.
  • Investment management and stockbroking.
  • Wholesale investment firms.
  • Sole advising.
  • Insurance intermediaries.
  • Mortgage brokers and home finance lenders.

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